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2009-11-23 00:13:45 by Darje

I only just realized that I have art to put on the art portal.

Yeah. D'oh!

I mean, first day I saw the art portal I was like,"Hey, cool! Some place to submit my art!"

Then I did nothing about it (until now that is).


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2009-11-23 00:16:13

that is just roflcopters


2009-11-23 00:23:21

M'kay. I'll check it out.


2010-01-10 15:23:39

Haia from Gaia, Darje----------!
Heh heh heh. Thanks so much for your feedback on my "Muffins" submission. I just wanted to drop by, let you know I FINALLY responded to your comment and left feedback on ALL your pictures in the Art Portal as well. I'll apologize in advance for not knowing all the correct terminolgy for things though.

Hope the New Year has brought you good, good things so far, Man.
Oh and I also wanted to say, I recommended you a WHILE ago (for the art portal). I'm just not sure what else someone has to do to get you scouted there. Maybe you could ask a few more people to recommend you and then you'll get scouted so people can vote on your work? I'm not sure.

.............Take care, be good and Happy beLATEd New Year too.period

Darje responds:

Hey, thanks for the recommendation and comments, always a pleasure to get those kinds of things.

Happy Belated new year to you too.